About us

Nanihaal - every daughter's home, originates from the shear needs of the society where heartfelt emotions like happiness and joy could be preserved and nurtured.

It was formed with the intention to function as the overpass to the world of care and happiness where daughters are not treated as liabilities but nurtured to blossom to their full potential. Nahinaal is the blessings of forefathers to their grandchildren which they can feel and cherish even when they are not around.

At Nanihaal, we bring the generations and families together by helping daughters and their children stay connected to their maternal home and feel its warmth even from the distance. Read More...

Our Mission

Nanihaal is a never ending journey to happiness and togetherness between daughter/s and their parents. We strive to preserve the blessings of parents to their daughter/s and their children. We are working meticulously to create an environment where Human emotions and relationship matter. Nanihaal aims to become a helping hand and shoulder to every daughter and their family standing by their side at their life’s event.

Our Vision

Nanihaal is constantly working on a path towards a society filled with care, love and affection with contribution from the society itself. Our vision is to establish Nanihaal as the goto point for every daughter only families to share their love and care with their daughters even when they are not present in the world. Children of the beneficiary daughter also get the blessings of their maternal grandparents even long after they are gone.

Our Assistance

Nanihaal is established with the sole purpose to serve the society and benefiting only girl child family. We offer assistance to these families being part of their happiness and sorrows.Currently we are providing assistance and covering following pain points of the beneficiary girls and their family helping them lead a life of their choice